500 Most Influential UX Opinion Leaders on Twitter

7 Jul, 2011

I’m flattered to appear on this list (currently coming in at #63 #57), powered by PeerIndex—a social influence mapping application—and curated by UK experience design consultancy Foolproof.

Let’s make one thing absolutely clear: I don’t think that the ranking of opinion leaders on this list is accurate. Mashable comes in at number 4, and I’m ranked higher than design geniuses (some of my personal mentors & heroes) like, Jon Hicks, Jeffrey Veen, Dave Shea and Lou Rosenfeld (I could go on and on). The ranking shows the inability of sites like Klout and PeerIndex to accurately quantify influence based primarily on quantitative Twitter interaction.

That being said, it is nice to be recognized among some truly inspirational thought leaders in the realm of user experience design, and it’s a good resource for any Twitter users looking to add some smart/thoughtful people to their stream.

User Experience (UX) Power 500

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