Speaking at the M3 Conference

10 Oct, 2012

In a couple weeks I’ll be jetting to Columbus, OH to do a talk at the M3 Conference on prototyping techniques for mobile interface designers. In addition to a quick overview on why prototyping is essential for interaction designers, I’ll also do some hands-on demos of some of my favorite prototyping techniques and tools.

M3 Conference | Oct. 25-26 | Columbus, OH

Here’s the official abstract:

As mobile applications and interactions become more complex, designers need tools to validate their designs, facilitate usability tests, and communicate complex interactions to business owners and development partners.

From hand-drawn sketches and paper stencils, to fully interactive UIs, Scott will cover various mobile prototyping techniques to meet a variety of the most common use cases mobile designers encounter. Session attendees will learn about a number of prototyping tools (including Keynotopia and, and discuss which tools to use when.

Be sure to check out their website, or hit them up on Twitter for more information. Hope to see you there.

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