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Requiem For a Provocateur – Life in the Time of The Flame Wars

7 Feb, 2011

People who pay attention to social media and digital marketing are very much aware of the latest brouhaha over a tweet by Kenneth Cole. Cole, who claims to have posted the tweet himself, stuck his designer shoe squarely in his mouth by making a joke over an international crisis, but he immediately realized his gaffe and posted a sincere public apology.

xkcd - Duty Calls

Once upon a time, that would have been the end of the story. The apology would have been issued, the public’s feathers would become unruffled, and we’d return to business as usual. That was life before the Flame Wars.
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12 Oct, 2010

When is the last time you took a moment to ask, “Why?” It’s one word—a seemingly simple question—but the power of analyzing motives can be life-altering.

The world is moving faster than ever. Most of us—mobile phone in one hand, large coffee in the other—are challenged to keep up with an unyielding fire hose of information while we travel almost obliviously from point A to point B. Our lives are saturated with routines that we repeat day in and day out without considering the rationale behind our choices; many of our lives have become so routine that we cease to make decisions at all, i.e. life on autopilot.
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Why I’m Holding Off on an iPad – How Tablets Fit Into The Future of Personal Media

10 May, 2010

I’m not planning on buying an iPad… yet.  I’ve played with one, and it truly isn’t much more than an XL iPod Touch. It’s a worthy first step. A very nice personal email, web browsing, casual gaming and photo/video viewing device. Emphasis on personal—the iPad is not built for sharing.

Apple iPad

What’s missing at this point is how the iPad fits into the big picture in terms of the family media center. What’s lacking is the capability to access a network where data can be stored, streamed and shared among an authorized group of users. Apple’s iPad is piece of the puzzle (a puzzle that Apple’s engineers are undoubtedly working toward completing); I’d like to examine how the pieces will come together through ongoing developments in delivering high-bandwidth streaming media via wifi networks and data storage in the cloud.

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Best Practices For Maintaining Professional Profiles

7 Dec, 2008

I was asked recently at work to provide some information about best practices for creating and maintaining public social networking profiles (namely LinkedIn and Facebook). Here’s what I came up with…

A General Rule To Live By

You may have heard this maxim before, but it’s worth repeating: Don’t publish anything online that you wouldn’t want to appear on the cover of the New York Times.  Before you post any content ask yourself, would I want my mother, child, spouse, best friend, boss, client, etc. to be able to see what I’ve posted now or at any point in the future?  If the answer is no, it’s probably best not to put it on the Internet.

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What Can and Cannot Be Done

8 Oct, 2008

Can’t is a word that I am attempting to eradicate from my vocabulary.  It’s more than just a word (or two words smushed together)—it’s an excuse, a mindset, an attitude.  I hear this word too often lately, at work (internally and from clients) and in my personal life.  The truth of the matter is, when people say, “I can’t do that,” what they often mean is, “I won’t.”

South African amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius

Remember, if you decide that you can’t do something, you’re absolutely correct.  If you have a tendency to be the one who declares what cannot be done, ask yourself a few questions:

After you’ve begun to eliminate can’t from your own vocabulary, the next step is learning how to use this approach to deal with those who tell us what can’t be done.  The same four questions asked above, posed in a non-threatening manner, can also be used to help shift the attitudes of Those Who Can’t (or won’t).  Offering assistance or a fresh perspective are additional methods to shift attitudes and break through roadblocks.  Try using the following:

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.”
– Arthur C. Clarke

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Lifecasting

14 Aug, 2008

Lifecasting – it’s all the rage!  Here are five reasons why you too should blog and tweet incessantly about the minutia of your life, take daily photographs of yourself and post them to Flickr and strap a video camera to your body that will stream your every move to anyone with an Internet connection.


… And Now, The Top 5 Reasons to Broadcast Every Second of Every Day of Your Life…

  1. You’re a narcissistic attention whore.
  2. Your mommy taught you that everything you do is exceptional and worthy of exuberant adulation.
  3. You have an innate desire to annoy friends, family and perfect strangers.
  4. You think people actually give a shit about the fact that someone put poppyseeds on your onion rolls.
  5. High probability slight chance of receiving a development deal with a TV production company.

If any of these apply to you, what are you waiting for?  Get out there and start over-sharing with the world!  What’s the worst that could happen?

In all seriousness though… please don’t.