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The Mobile Innovation Cycle is Over

15 Nov, 2013

True innovation in the mobile space has passed.

On June 29, 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone to the world. It wasn’t the first smartphone—not by a long shot—but it was the first to really nail the experience. While the technology that powers mobile computing is improving exponentially, every smartphone (even every tablet) that follows the iPhone is a shade of what Steve Jobs unveiled over six years ago.

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The Next Big Thing in Tech: Screenless Interfaces

26 Aug, 2013

As the mobile computing revolution evolves into an era of internet-enabled wearable devices, interaction designers and developers are about to run headlong into a sizable design challenge: We’re running out of room.

Technology is quickly moving from handheld touch screens (which presented their own unique interaction design challenges as user interfaces transitioned from PCs to mobile phones) to even smaller, personally integrated form factors e.g. watches, glasses, and clothing. Think about the first time you used your thumbs to type on a smartphone keyboard; now consider how that operation might work on a watch interface. Hint: It won’t.

Smart Watch - Teeny Tiny Keyboard

As screens shrink—or even disappear altogether—what’s an interaction designer to do? The answer may look like science fiction, but the advancement and convergence of two technologies are paving the way for the future of user interface design.

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iOS7 Has Been Stalking Me

7 Aug, 2013

iOS7 Beta has a setting enabled by default on iPhones (I’m not seeing the same feature on my iPad) that is automatically tracking and storing users’ movements. Given the recent attention and outcry over NSA tracking and privacy, I’m sure this is going to ruffle quite a few feathers.

iOS7 Location Services

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Building a Better Smartwatch

6 Aug, 2013

After living with the Pebble smart watch on my wrist, designing a Pebble watch app, and immersing myself in smart watch news, rumors, and trends, I wanted to compile a design wish list for upcoming smart watch manufacturers. You hear that Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung…even you Pebble (if you’re around long enough for a v.2)? These are the features you’ll need to include in your smart watch in order to make it a must have for everyone—not just gadget geeks.

Smartwatch design
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My Life With A Pebble Smart Watch

29 Jul, 2013

After over a year of waiting (I backed the Kickstarter on 4/12/2012), my White Pebble Smart Watch finally arrived in my mailbox a couple weeks ago. Here’s my take on life with a smart watch.

White Pebble Smart Watch

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The Promise And Failure of iTunes Match

15 Apr, 2013

There is no doubt that Apple is a brilliant company—especially over the past decade. The ecosystem that was developed initially around music via the iTunes store and the iPod which evolved by adding film & television, enhanced video capabilities of the iPod, finally culminating with the App Store and iPhone/iPad was a masterful strategy.

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