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My Precious… How Sunk Cost Fallacy Clouds Your Design Judgement

8 Apr, 2013

Creating a prototype is usually the most effective means of expressing a designer’s vision. There is a hazard in prototyping though that may cloud a designer’s judgement, and, ultimately, lead to biased and irrational decision making.

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Speaking at the M3 Conference

10 Oct, 2012

In a couple weeks I’ll be jetting to Columbus, OH to do a talk at the M3 Conference on prototyping techniques for mobile interface designers. In addition to a quick overview on why prototyping is essential for interaction designers, I’ll also do some hands-on demos of some of my favorite prototyping techniques and tools.

M3 Conference | Oct. 25-26 | Columbus, OH
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Waterfall, Agile, And Making The Bed

11 Jun, 2012

The more I work in an Agile development environment as a designer, the more I come to terms with the strengths and weaknesses of both the Waterfall and Agile methods.

unmade bed
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All Web Design is Mobile Design

24 Mar, 2012

On January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs unofficially ushered in a new era of personal computing. One day later in an article on CNET, AppForge CEO, Gary Warren, predicted the death of the mobile web browser. Gary was wrong.

Responsive Designs Across Multiple Screens

In only a few short years mobile web browsing has jumped from virtually nothing to 8.53% of global Internet traffic (that’s more than Internet Explorer 6 and 7 combined, source). Google predicts that in 2012 over one billion people will use a mobile device as their primary Internet access point. That number will only continue to rise.

Pull out your phone, and go to your company’s website. How does it look?

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The Reason Your Agency Can’t Deliver Awesome

9 Mar, 2012

I recently read a post by Jaime Creixems on his affection for the superior experiences crafted by Disney Imagineers (and to a lesser degree Apple). It’s nothing that hasn’t been said before; in a nutshell, Disney & Apple care deeply about and excel at user experience design (water is also wet).

Jaime also said the following, which I could not agree with more:

To achieve that kind of ‘awesomeness’ you need to care deeply about details.

His attention to detail comment, coupled with Andy Budd’s recent scathing remarks about the agency model inspired this post.

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Design Prioritization & The Kano Model

7 Mar, 2012

It happens to every project—there are a dozen feature requests in your backlog, but your team only has enough time to implement no more than four of them before the next scheduled product release date. Normally, you do one of the following:

Here’s another option to prioritize what matters: The Kano Model.

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